16 July 2010

KFOG Podcast - July 16, 2010

I was in San Francisco this morning recording another podcast for the KFOG Morning Show Podcast Series. Morning Show Producer Irish Greg and I had a very spirited and lively conversation about planets, the Solar System, Star Parties, Iridium Flares, Dark Energy and Dark Matter. In a fast-paced 9-minute conversation we discuss everything from the phase of the Moon to the origin of the Universe. Get inspired to see the sky tonight: Click here to listen.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Nice show Paul - you really have the gift of gab on the air!

I wish you continued success.

The Urban Astronomer said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Richard. I am glad that KFOG support astronomy outreach with my contribution to their podcast series. I am on once a month.

And keep up the good work for the citizens of Reno and Sparks. You provide a great service!

-- Paul