18 March 2009

KFOG Broadcast: March 18th, 2009


Sidewalk Universe said...

Hi Paul - I wanted to lesson to your program live yesterday and totally spaced it! Thanks for posting it - I will lesson later today!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Oh my - I really can spell - I mean LISTEN not lesson ..... I need some help here!

Maybe my listening challenges are really lesson challenges. I wonder what my wife would say?

The Urban Astronomer said...

Perhaps you mean to say that you wanted to "lessen" to the program. Hmmm. Maybe that's not the right one either!

I hope your weather is cooperating with astronomy. We're due for overcast and rain here in SF :-(

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paul finally got to LISTEN to your program - really excellent and fun to LISTEN too. I would not dare to LESSEN it a bit!

You did a great job with the 2012 question and I really liked the "what happens in Vega stays in Vega". To much fun!

KFOG is very lucky to have you on their schedule.

Sky finally cleared out here in Reno after a weekend of storms - I plan to start my backyard Messier Marathon tonight and casually do it over the next few evenings and mornings. I never rush a marathon! Hopefully some outreach later in the week!