31 December 2013

Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2014

Quadrantid Meteor
The annual Quadrantid meteor shower is underway, bringing its lovely blips of light streaking across the sky. This shower takes place over several days but has a strong peak the morning of January 3rd. As is the case with all meteor showers, you want to be in a dark location (or if you live in a city, in an unlit location such as a backyard or park or beach), and you need to give yourself 5-10 minutes for your eyes to adapt. You'll want to dress extra-warm and use a sleeping bag so you can relax on your back and enjoy the view skyward. There is no particular direction you need to look; the best view of any meteor shower is directly overhead. Universe Today and EarthSky have helpful articles for further information.

The Quadrantids are the first of many meteor showers in 2014. I hope you can see many of them.

Image linked from stefanoderosa.com photography website.

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