02 January 2013

Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2013

The Quadrantids peak this evening and continue through Thursday January 4th, lighting up the sky with 'shooting stars' that are enchanting to see, if you have dark clear skies and are able to brave the wintery cold night. The Quadrantids ring in each new year with a good display of meteors, and are favorable for us in the Northern Hemisphere because the 'radiant' (the point from which the meteors appear to emanate) is high in the northern sky. Here are some helpful articles with more details about the shower.

EarthSky.com has a thorough article.

Space.com has helpful sky maps.

To enjoy the Quadrantids, follow the usual rules for a meteor shower: (a) dress warmly and have blankets or a sleeping bag, (b) avoid direct lights such as house lights, yard lights and street lights, (c) give yourself time to adapt to the darkness so your eyes can pick up faint meteors as well as big bright ones, and (d) give yourself a view directly overhead with as few obstructions as possible. If you get lucky, you can see up to 40 meteors per hour.

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