25 November 2012

Full Moon, Partial Eclipse, and Jupiter

Full Moon
This week we are presented with a collection of celestial alignments that are quite visible in an urban setting. The Moon reaches full phase on Tuesday, and will pass through the busy area of the night sky near the constellation Orion, the beautiful star cluster known as the Pleiades, and the bright planet Jupiter (on Wednesday). As it does, take a closer look with a pair of binoculars or simple telescope, since these objects will be easy to locate and are engaging to view up close.

The morning of Wednesday November 28th, the Moon touches the edge of Earth's shadow in space, creating a faint darkening of the northern limb of the Moon, also known as a Partial Eclipse. For San Francisco and the western US, the Moon's darkening will be most visible just before sunrise, during the 6:00 am hour.

Image courtesy of Sky & Telescope.

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