17 April 2011

Five Weeks of Planets in Conjunction

We are entering a period of time in which several planets are going to be in close proximity to each other, creating special alignments called "conjunctions." Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are all occupying the same region of the sky from our Earth-bound point of view, and as these planets and our own planet are all in motion around the Sun, the pattern we see in the sky changes quite a bit from one night to the next. At this time, all of these planets are emerging from the glare of the brightening dawn sky, appearing in the east just minutes before sunrise. Therefore, the initial conjunction on April 19th is best visible with the aid of binoculars. But this is just the start of a five week period in which these planets move very close to one another, creating a beautiful series of patterns for the early morning observer.

Our planet moves nearly 2 million miles per day in its orbit around the Sun. The planets are also moving at high speed around the Sun in their respective orbits. Mercury and Venus move the fastest relative to Earth, and because of their unique position inside the orbit of Earth, we see their changing locations in the early morning just before sunrise, or in the evening just after sunset. The other planets, including Mars and Jupiter for the next few weeks, move more slowly from our point of view and move more steadily from east to west from one morning to the next. I'll be posting a regular series of updates over the next month as the various conjunctions come and go. The important thing for the observer is to find a good eastern horizon, dust off the binoculars, and be ready to get up just before sunrise to see these cosmic alignments.

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How exciting!