28 November 2010

Brilliant Venus and Old Moon in the Dawn Sky

With sunrise at 7:00 in the morning, I find this time of year to be one in which I can do some early morning stargazing without having to change my morning routine. This week the waning Moon provides a lovely scene against the backdrop of brilliant Venus, bright Saturn and the bright star Spica. The illustration demonstrates what to expect in the eastern skies as the Moon shrinks each day on its way to the New Moon on December 5th. If you are a morning person with an interest in astronomy, this will be an excellent week for you. Get out your binoculars for an especially riveting view of these heavenly bodies, and take in a few minutes of beauty about an hour before the sunrise.


Sidewalk Universe said...

This is going to be nice and so easy to enjoy as you mentioned.

I have a eastern face bedroom window so this will be a cozy early morning observe!

Paulie said...

I would love to see the waning Moon with either Saturn or Venus, and I know Hillary will want to see Luna & Venus together Thursday morning, but the forecast is not looking good.