26 February 2010

The Urban Astronomer speaks!

I want to let Bay Area readers know about a very exciting event coming up on Tuesday March 2nd in San Francisco. The event, Ignite Bay Area, is one of a collection of global "Ignite" events happening next week. If you have never experienced an Ignite presentation, they are very fast and focused 5-minute talks about everything from geek technology to social trends to .... astronomy! I'll be presenting a talk on amateur astronomy that I trust will inspire and motivate many to look up in the night sky and make a cosmic connection. Hope to see you there!


Sidewalk Universe said...

Will you be able to post your talk on this blog? I hope so!

The Urban Astronomer said...

Hi Richard - I think there will be live streaming on Tuesday. Check this site. http://igniteshow.com/

In any case, I'll put up a link after the fact. I'm really excited to be giving this talk. It's a challenge to compress all of amateur astronomy into five minutes. By the way, I am using one of your Sidewalk Universe Star Party photos in the presentation :-)

The Urban Astronomer said...

Look like they will be livestreaming the event on this URL http://www.livestream.com/ignitebayarea I'll be on around 7:30 pm.