22 October 2009

Get Involved: Galilean Nights Star Parties in San Francisco

As part of the ongoing International Year of Astronomy (IYA), this weekend, October 23-25, is being hailed "Galilean Nights" in honor of the Italian scientist who used a telescope to open a new era of understanding of the heavens. Astronomy clubs around the world are hosting star parties and inviting the public to take part.

The San Francisco Amateur Astronomers (SFAA) will hold two star parties on Saturday October 24th, one in the city of San Francisco and one at Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. I have often blogged about the SFAA events on Mt. Tam, where there are great lectures by professional astronomers and scientists as well as star gazing through amateur and professional telescopes. This month the lecture is at 7:00 pm with Professor Michael Dine of UCSC. I love to attend these events and share the night sky with attendees. This month, however, I'll be at the "City Star Party" (weather permitting) at Lands End in San Francisco. This event will start at 6:30 pm at the end of El Camino del Mar just off Point Lobos above the Sutro Baths ruins.

If you don't live near San Francisco or Marin, you can check out the Galilean Nights website for details of an event near you. See you under the stars.

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