07 September 2009

Get involved: AANC astronomy lectures and star party on September 12

Here's a chance to dive into astronomy and hear from the scientists that are making news right now. The Astronomical Association of Northern California (AANC) is opening the first day of its annual meeting to the public on Saturday September 12th at the Westin Hotel at SFO in Millbrae. The day features a broad range of talks about astronomy, from imaging of the heavens through the Hubble Space Telescope, to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), to the upcoming NASA Lunar Impactor mission (LCROSS mission), and the history of the telescope. Also there will be telescopes for solar observing during the day and a star party in the evening (lead by yours truly). Register online - high-school age students are Free. Visit aancstars2009.org for details.

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