15 July 2009

Moon, Pleiades, Mars and Venus

The next few mornings provide a great chance to see close alignments of planets, the Moon and the easy-to-spot, beautiful star cluster known as the Pleiades. Click on the illustration (at the right) for a detailed view of the spectacle in the eastern pre-dawn sky, especially the changing location of the Moon each morning as it wanes from last quarter to a thin crescent.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Yippeeee more early morning astronomy fun!

Can't wait to listen to your program from today.......please post it soon!

The Urban Astronomer said...

Hey Richard - today's KFOG show went well and I'll have the audio up later this week (having software problems just now). Always fun to field questions from Fogheads.

Sidewalk Universe said...

Wonderful show this morning in the dawn sky! Hope you where able to catch it bro........... Thanks for getting the word out!