21 June 2009

Star Party on Saturday 27 June

This Saturday is a chance to hear a great lecture and enjoy star gazing with the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers (SFAA) for their monthly star party on Mt. Tam. This month, Professor Lynn R. Cominsky of Sonoma State University is giving a lecture at 8:30 pm at the Mountain Theater. Her topic will include "blazing galaxies, intense stellar explosion and super-massive block holes" and should be quite captivating. Afterwards, the SFAA will set up telescopes for public viewing of the universe and there is a lot to see this time of year. The Moon will be a lovely crescent, Saturn is visible, and many deep space objects such as star clusters and nebulae will be on display. And if all goes well, I'll be there pointing out constellations with my trusty green laser pointer.

Hope to see you Saturday night - above the fog.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Have fun with that laser!

Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paul I had some fun with my laser the other night. I had to go out to one of the out laying towns about 90 minutes from Reno. On the way back as a passenger in the back seat of the SUV traveling at 65 down a lonely 2 lane state route I preceded to give my fellow travelers a constellation show out the windows! We just happened to have a nice break in the sky.

They were very impressed and were convinced I've taken this astronomy thing to far because I "just happened to have my laser with me". Imagine that.

The Urban Astronomer said...

Richard - that is inspiration to start carrying my green laser in my car at all times. It certainly is the one astronomy instrument that always gets a "wow" from the crowd.