07 May 2009

Thursday Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences

I spent most of this evening in Golden Gate Park at the California Academy of Sciences. Several months ago they initiated a new program called Nightlife. From the Academy of Sciences website:

Every Thursday, the Academy is transformed into a lively venue filled with music, provocative science, mingling, and cocktails, for visitors 21 and older. Activities and performers change week to week.

The event has been selling out week after week and tonight was no exception. I am so impressed that literally thousands of San Franciscans show up to take in the science, the music, the food and drink, and the company of friends and neighbors. The Living Roof was my primary haunt because of the clear skies over San Francisco. The view was great this evening and there were three amateur astronomers on the roof with telescopes showing off Saturn and the nearly full Moon. Although I don't work for CAS, I could not help myself but to talk with guests while they waited in line to look through the telescopes. I shared my insights of the night sky, of what to look for in the telescope, of how far away these celestial objects are, and so on. I really enjoy doing this for people who show an interest in the sky - to enhance their experience and to impart some new knowledge of the universe.

No surprise, I am enrolling in the training program to become a volunteer at the CAS :-)

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Sidewalk Universe said...

This sure sounds like a fun thing to be part of - nice that we can do astronomy outreach while in line with others!