18 February 2009

Comet Lulin

A comet is making its way across the Solar System and is reaching its best viewing in the next few days. Comet Lulin was discovered in 2007 and is now reaching its peak brightness as it moves into "opposition" on February 25th, the date it is exactly opposite the Sun from our Earth-bound point of view. On that date it will be visible in the evening sky near Saturn in the constellation Leo. Sky and Telescope Magazine has a great writeup on the comet.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Hey Paul - nice pics of Lulin. When are you on the air again - You are the man the Bay Area is waiting to hear!

The Urban Astronomer said...

With all the rain I was not expecting to see Comet Lulin, but Tuesday morning just at it was reaching opposition the skies were clear at 5:00 in the morning. While getting ready to take my daughter to swimming, we each got a glimpse of Lulin through binoculars. Just a small smudge in my 10x50s but worth it. I think comets are so exciting to see.

I'm back on the air on March 18th during the 8:00 hour on KFOG. A good time is guaranteed!