26 January 2009

Quick Guide to locate the Orion Nebula

Face south in the early to mid-evening and Orion is high in the southern sky. It is easy to identify because of the distinctive "belt" stars and the bright shoulders and kneecaps of Orion. Below the belt hangs the sheath of the sword of Orion, and in the middle of what appears to be three stars is the Orion Nebula. Through binoculars or a small telescope you can clearly see glowing gas and clouds with a distinctive blue hue.


Sidewalk Universe said...

Paul, I was looking for your radio cast from Tuesday.....will you be posting it? Orion is the most distinct constellation, I really enjoy seeing it come up in the S.E.! He a man with a mission!

The Urban Astronomer said...

Orion is indeed a man with a mission. We talked about that on the radio broadcast - the things that happen in the skies are pretty wild.

I am a bit behind on editing. I'll have the broadcast up over the weekend.

Sidewalk Universe said...

One caller on your program said Mr.Orion was holding a sword over his head......I have seen it depicted in many constellation drawing, atlases ect as a club. Maybe the sheath is really a six shooter or a cell phone!