27 August 2008

Biodynamic Astronomy Lecture and Star Party on September 6th

Over the past many years I've made several visits to a biodynamic farm called Live Power Farm. The children at San Francisco Waldorf School have a tradition of going there to learn about farming and as a parent on several of these trips I have had a chance to get to know the farmers at Live Power Farm and the approach they embrace, biodynamic farming. It relates to astronomy because it is a very natural and harmonious approach to working with soil, seed, sun and the cycles of nature. As a member of the Live Power CSA, I share in the bounty of the farm and enjoy the amazing food they produce every week.

On my visits to Live Power Farm I learned that the farmers are very cognizant of the lunar cycles and planetary positions with respect to the Sun and Earth. They use a well known guidebook by Maria Thun and biodynamic calendars to guide their work on the farm and I was fascinated to see how farmers worldwide have come to understand cycles in the heavens and use these cycles in their farming. I spent many nights at Live Power Farm talking with the farmers and apprentices about the celestial mechanics of the sky to deepen their appreciation of how these cycles actually come to be.

Saturday September 6th I will be hosting a lecture with Stephen Decater of Live Power Farm. I will share my insights on how to understand the motions of the Moon and planets and how we see their motions from our vantage point here on Earth. Stephen will share his interpretations of these motions and how he works with the cycles in the heavens to guide his work on the farm. Please join us at 7:00 pm for the lecture and 8:30 for star gazing and telescope viewing of the skies. This event takes place at the Marin Waldorf School and is being sponsored by Live Power Farm, San Francisco Waldorf and Marin Waldorf Schools. I hope to see you there.

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