19 May 2008

Toward the center of the Milky Way

As Saturn continues to dominate the evening sky, Jupiter now rules the morning sky. It shines brightly in the pre-dawn sky near the constellation Sagittarius. This week the Moon will pay a visit to the scene, passing through the "teapot" of Sagittarius on May 23rd and near Jupiter on May 24th.

When you look toward Sagittarius you are looking nearly at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. While the Moon is passing through, you can't see much of the Milky Way at all, but once it has moved on and the light of the Moon doesn't impact the sky, you will have a better view of the center of our galaxy. Use binoculars and peer into Sagittarius and you will see a wealth of beauty, even with city lights. And if you don't want to get up so early in the morning for the view, wait until Summer and Sagittarius will be rising earlier and earlier in the night.

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