14 May 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse: 15-16 May 2022

A total lunar eclipse takes place on the evening of May 15th, continuing into the early morning of May 16th. It favors the Western Hemisphere, with best viewing conditions in the evening and late night of Sunday May 15th. For those on the West Coast of the US, the Moon will rise in deep partial eclipse and reach total phase at 8:29 pm pacific time, just after sunset in Los Angeles. Further east, the full eclipse will be visible in darkness. In eastern time zone, the partial eclipse starts at 10:28 pm and reaches totality at 11:29 pm. Totality lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes. Unfortunately for those in Europe, the eclipse will start in the early morning hours (4:28 in Germany) and will reach totality just as the Sun is about to rise, so it will be interesting but not nearly as impressive as when seen in darkness. 

No special viewing locations are needed, just a clear view to the south (and for the west coast of the US, a clear view to the east), and good weather. There are many factors that can affect the appearance of the eclipsed moon at totality ... largely due to weather conditions on Earth. And the 85 minutes of totality also can change in appearance from the start to the middle to the final moments before direct sunlight returns to the lunar surface. 

Sky and Telescope has an excellent write up for this event, with great details about many aspects of lunar eclipses. 

I wish you clear skies and a fun time viewing this special moment. 

Image courtesy of Sky & Telescope

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